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  • Mark Beardow

Darling Defender

Investors face financial repression and rising inflation

Traditional bond and income strategies are not suited for this environment.

We designed Defender to deliver more performance than traditional defensive strategies while maintaining resilience.

Unleashed from bond benchmarks, Defender offers a new approach:

  • Regular steady income distribution,

  • A dynamic blend of asset classes for periods of reflation and rising inflation,

  • Advanced techniques to control risk during benign periods and preserve. capital during turmoil.

Defender balances the objectives of return while managing risk

  1. Rewarding total return of cash + 4% and quarterly distributions of 1%

  2. Resilient during market turmoil

  3. Low long term correlation with equities and credit

  4. Low long term correlation with traditional bond and credit strategies

  5. Daily liquidity with low transaction costs.

If you would like more information about Defender please get in touch

Source: Darling Macro. For wholesale investors only.


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